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Burch Brothers Concrete - A Brief History

Burch Brothers Concrete was established in 1948 by Roy and Arnold Burch, serving the San Francisco peninsula.

The business thrived in the post-war economy, and expanded in 1956 by merging with Chester Peek and his company, Peninsula Concrete. Burch Brothers Concrete became one of the Peninsula's elite companies.

Chester Peek headed the commercial end of the company, being involved in the construction of schools, new housing tracts, and retail buildings. Roy and Arnold Burch continued the residential wing, until Roy's untimely passing in 1969. When Arnold Burch retired in 1973, Chester Peek became the sole owner, and his wife, Frances Peek took over as the full-time secretary.Burch Brothers Concrete - A Brief History In 1981, his son, Bob Peek, (who had worked for the company since 1972), became his business partner. Chester passed in 1989, leaving Bob as the sole owner. Frances functioned as the secretary until her 90th birthday, when Bob's wife, Lisa, took over as the office manager/secretary.

As of this year, 2012, Burch Brothers Concrete has served the San Francisco Peninsula for 64 years. We've stayed in business all these years because we believe that the only suitable outcome in any business transaction is a "win-win" scenario. Communication is our strong suit. Our motto, "Quality You Can Live With," guarantees beautiful work at competitive prices.



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